Sid's Sins

Sid Miller is so bad, even he admits that the Governor, Greg Abbott, and Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick, won’t speak to him. A pariah in his own party, Miller is ineffective and impotent to get the job done — in 2016, Abbott called him "an embarrassment", after Sid referred to Hillary Clinton as a very vulgar, misogynist word. He also spewed hate, suggesting that the “Muslim world” be nuked and comparing refugees to rattlesnakes.

And, of course, in keeping with his brand, he attacks transgender people. Sid’s solution to the massacre at Uvalde? Arm cafeteria workers, because even more "good guys with guns” will somehow stop gun violence. (And, no, the Ag Commission does not have the authority to do so in the first place.)

A big part of TDA is providing school lunches. Sid started out promoting cupcakes and junk food in schools even while Texas is 8th in the country in childhood obesity. He was investigated for taking a state plane to Oklahoma to get something called a "Jesus shot" for his bad back, and taking another tax-payer funded trip to Mississippi to compete in a rodeo. He’s also attacked BBQ restaurants and claimed an innovation in treating pests on cattle was a "gas chamber" to the confusion of the cattle-raisers association.

Think Sid might be for farmers, but think again. He’s famous for raising fees on farmers to give his buddies raises. He’s increased fees for things like pesticide applicator certifications, organic certifications, seed certifications and grain storage by about $16 million, hurting farmers, ranchers, businesses and consumers — milking millions more out of the ag community than his office really needed.

Sid not only fails to bring our federal tax dollars back home to support rural economic development, he’s actively fought it, suing to stop payments to black farmers to compensate them for decades of discrimination by the USDA.

And here’s where it gets really weird: the day the January 6 hearings started Sid joined disgraced lawyer Sidney Powell to screen the Big Lie promoting movie, 2000 Mules. He likes to hang out with QAnon types. In keeping with his habitual misuse of state funds, last November Sid hired Carter Page — who may very well have been collaborating with the Russians for the Trump campaign — as an advisor at TDA, paying him $75,000 a year in your tax money.

Finally, Sid’s shenanigans with his longtime political consultant went on for years, such as hiring his wife for a six-figure job, keeping him around after he was arrested for fraud over hemp licenses, finally distancing himself after the indictment.

Sid is corrupt as sin, and has been spewing nothing but hate and lies since assuming office.
It’s time to give him the boot in 2022.