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I’m running for Agriculture Commissioner because corruption is bad for business. No one trusts the incumbent to do what’s right for Texas. Farming is hard, but ethics should be easy.
I grew up in rural Texas in the middle of ranching and hunting country. But like many of my generation I left for the city to get an education and make a living. My law practice took me to advising cannabis producers and businesses, and pushing Texas to open the door to this high-value crop with the hemp program. I welcomed the opportunity to get back to the country and find a way to make an income off the land again. Working on the roll-out of the hemp program, I started hearing rumors of corruption. Folks talking about having to pay thousands of dollars to get a hemp license which sounded pretty strange to me because I knew the law was intended to make things easy and affordable on farmers.
Then, the Commissioner’s political consultant got arrested for trying to sell hemp licenses for $25,000.
Licenses that cost $100 and are available to anyone.
And that made me mad.
I’m a fifth generation Texan. Relatives died at the Alamo. I know what Texas has been, and I know what Texas could be if we purge the government of corruption and work together to build rural Texas back up.
Please support my race for Agriculture Commissioner. And click on the button above to donate if the spirit moves you.

- Susan Hays